Autobus / Bus [Auto-bus] Coach / Bus
Autobus miejski [Auto-bus mye-y-ski] City bus
PKS [Pe-ca-es] City to City bus
Tramwaj [Tram-way] Tram
Pociąg [Po-tion-g] Train
Szynobus [Shino-bus] Rail Bus
Metro [$] Metro (BrE: Underground)
Samochód [Sam-o-hood] Car
Ciężarówka [Cie-jar-uv-ca] Lorry / Truck
Kurs Normalny*1 [Course Nor-mal-ny] Normal cruise
Kurs przyspieszony / pospieszny*2 [Course pshi-spye-sho-ny / po-spye-shny] Fast cruise
Kurs Ekspresowy*3 [Course Express-ovy] Express cruise / Direct cruise
Lotnisko [Lot-ni-sco] Airport
Prom [Prom] Ferry
Bilet jednorazowy [Bi-let yed-no-raz-ovy] Single ticket (one way)
Bilet czasowy [Bi-let chas-ovy] Ticket for specified time
Bilet powrotny [Bi-let po-vro-tny] Return ticket
Bilet łączony*4 [Bi-let Lon-cho-ny] Cross transport ticket

*1 – stops on every station between point A and B
*2 – stops on stations mentioned in route plan (including smaller cities or hubs)
*3 – stops on stations mentioned in route plan (only big cities or hubs)
*4 – valid in two or more different transport companies
$ – same pronunciation as in English


Dworzec Autobusowy [D-vo-jet Auto-bus-ovy] Main Bus Station
Dworzec Kolejowy [D-vo-jet Co-le-yo-vy] Main Train Station
Port Lotniczy [Port lot-ni-chi] Airport
Port [$] Port
Przystanek [Pshi-staneck] Bus / Train / Metro stop
Kasa [Ca-sa] Ticket office
Informacja [Informa-cya] Information
Rozkład jazdy [Roz-klad ya-z-di] Timetable
Plan trasy [Plan tra-sy] Route plan*1
Bilet u kierowcy [Bi-let u kie-rov-cy] Driver has tickets*2
Kontroler biletów [Controller Bi-let-ov] Ticket controller
Konduktor [$] Conductor
Kierownik pociągu [kie-rov-nick po-tion-gu] Head conductor of the train
Przesyłka konduktorska [Pshe-sylka conductor-ska] Conductor post*3
PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe) [Pol-skye Co-le-ye Pan-stvo-ve ] Polish Railways
Peron [Pe-ron] Platform
Pociąg kończy bieg [Po-tion-g kon-chi byeg] The train ends its route (End station)
Bramka [B-ram-ca] Gate (airport)
Kontrola Paszportowa [Con-tro-la Pa-sh-port-ova] Passport Control
Pasażer [Pa-sa-jer] Passenger
Bagaż podręczny [Ba-ga-je pod-ren-chny] Hand luggage
Bagaż rejestrowany [Ba-ga-je re-yes-tro-va-ny] Registered luggage
Bagaż [Ba-ga-je] Luggage (Baggage)
Odjazdy / Odloty [Od-yaz-dy / Od-lot-y] Departures
Przyjazdy / Przyloty [Pshi-yaz-dy / Pshi-lot-y] Arrivals
Terminal Pasażerski [$ Pa-sa-jer-ski] Passenger Terminal
Terminal Cargo [$] Cargo Terminal

*1 – This phrase in Poland is hardly used – we use the timetable instead
*2 – There are 3 situations when you need to buy ticket after entering the bus / train:
a) The ticket office not selling them for this line (due to agreement with line owner)
b) The ticket office cease selling them in about 30 minutes before bus arrival (practice on many big city main bus stations)
c) There is no ticket office at the station (no extra charge for ticket)
*3 – A form of fast post connection if you need to have your package delivered same day. Just inform receiver when the train will stop on his city station to get it.
$ – same pronunciation as in English